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Renting an apartment can be convenient in some ways but doesn’t really leave a lot of room for customization since you can’t really make any permanent changes to the place. That leaves fewer options and faces interior designers with some specific challenges but also opens the doors to some pretty interesting possibilities. This, for example, is an apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2017 it got a complete remodel done by treszerosete and since it was a rented space the walls, floor and ceiling had to remain unchanged. All the new features come in the form of custom furniture.

The apartment is structured into 2 zones, the ground floor common zone and the loft bedroom
No area was left untouched, not even the space under the stair where there is now a shelving unit and a desk
By placing the workspace here the designers saved quite a bit of space in the living area and managed to make good use of the under-stair nook

This loft design inspired the team to create modular and versatile furniture which could be reused elsewhere in various different forms. Let’s start the tour with the entryway which is small corridor that leads to the common area which has a custom shelving unit and a desk fitted under the stairs that lead to the loft bedroom. The kitchen is quite small but has all the necessary features. A bar doubles as a divider between it and the living and dining area. A large sofa is complemented by a side table that can fit over it to save space. The balcony accommodates extra seats which can be brought into the living space when needed. All-in-all, this was a very successful and inspiring remodel.

The kitchen and the dining area are positioned right under the loft bedroom. They’re both quite small but really welcoming
The walls showcase the exposed brick and add a nice sense of warmth and rusticity to the apartment
The ceiling was also left unfinished and there are exposed wires and pipe structures which add an industrial twist to the decor
The living area looks and feels spacious, bright and open, especially thanks to the balcony which has sliding glass doors
The balcony also has tall windows and lets a lot of natural light enter the apartment
There’s even a bike rack integrated into the staircase railing system. It keeps the space cutter-free
The loft bed has this cool headboard which is in tone with the rustic-industrial vibe of the space
Simple cord lighting highlights the texture and color of the brick wall as well as the sleek wall-mounted nightstands

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