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Most remodels done to small apartments are focused on opening up the spaces and making them seem larger, brighter and more welcoming overall. We’ve seen a few really interesting design strategies so far and today we’re adding one more to our list. The subject today is a studio apartment located in Hong Kong, a city known for its small homes and also for their incredibly creative and interesting interior designs. The apartment we want to show you measures 55 square meters across so it’s not super tiny but is small enough to present some challenges.

Initially, the workspace was completely deprived of natural sunlight and that was a very big inconvenient
By connecting the living and working spaces the designers allowed sunlight to invade the whole apartment (in a good way)
The dining area occupies one portion of the floor plan, featuring this elegant and simple table with a marble top

The interior was remodeled by Sim-Plex Design Studio in 2017. The main goal of the remodel was to connect the two zones, the living area and the workspace and to create a feeling of freedom, openness, brightness and fluidity throughout the apartment. This was achieved by removing the wall separating the home office and making the space a part of the open-plan living and dining area. By doing that, the designers also managed to bring natural light into the workspace which was lacking before. As far as the rest of the project is concerned, the most notable and eye-catching detail would have to be the custom cabinetry which is defined by smooth lines, curved corners and edges and a seamless and harmonious vibe overall.

This is the divider between the spaces. It’s small and symbolic and it doesn’t obstruct the light’s pathway
Marble surfaces scattered throughout the apartment give the space a chic and sophisticated vibe


The custom cabinetry smoothly wraps around the space in a very fluid and gentle manner and this gives the impression of a larger room
A sliding door separates the kitchen from the rest of the floor plan and since it’s semi-transparent light can still go through it


The kitchen is unusually common and doesn’t feature curved cabinetry like the social area does
The color palette throughout the apartment is reduced to warm neutrals in the living area and dark blue accents in the bedroom
Although the bedroom is small, it doesn’t lack character. In fact, it’s pretty eye-catching and intriguing
The hallway features bright copper highlights which look really beautiful when complemented by the blue wall
The designers managed to make the most of this small bedroom by giving it lots of built-in features
No corner was wasted, not even this nook between the window and the wall
The bathroom has its own way of looking stylish, featuring accent lights installed under the cabinetry

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