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The thought of swimming with the fishes is a rather grim one but not if you’re living in this particular house. The OF House is located in Joaquim Egídio, in Brazil and was designed and built by Studio Otto Felix in 2016. It has an L-shaped floor plan organized into two blocks, one which is private and one dedicated to social activities. It features a galvanized steel structure covered with panels so there are no bricks or concrete involved in the project and instead the architect chose to use natural materials such as wood and stone to create a very welcoming and cozy vibe throughout the property.

The design of the house shows a strong desire to incorporate the exterior spaces into the living area

The garden is framed by a stone wall has a pond which makes it seem as if the house is floating above water and there are fish swimming through the vegetation and the decorative stone blocks. The water is perfectly safe to swim in and the experience is a very special one. The interior of the house is divided into two main zones, one of which is an open plan living room, dining area and kitchen combo surrounded glass and open to the garden. This design allows lots of natural light to enter the space and also brings nature into the living room in a rather creative manner. What’s particularly lovely about this design is that even though it’s so open to the outdoors it also feels very warm and cozy. The reading corner is a particular good example which reflects that.

Simple and natural materials such as wood and stone are used throughout the house in combination with neutral colors
The living space is framed by a narrow wooden deck which appears to be floating above water
The simplicity of the materials and colors creates a very soothing and welcoming ambiance throughout the house
The social area of the house is defined fluidity and openness, bringing the outdoors in
The division of spaces is done through glass walls or folding wood partitions
The primary colors may be neutrals but the interior decor is not monotonous in any way
A cozy reading corner completes the floor plan, adding a bit of color to the space
The dining area has a very fresh and serene vibe highlighted by the white accent wall and abstract artwork
Considering how open the living spaces are, this section of the house has great natural ventilation
The distribution and orientation of the spaces is partially dictated by the views which can be admired in full splendor
The house has an L-shaped floor plan, being organized into a main social zone and a private block
Wood and stone are the two primary materials featured throughout the house in various combinations
In addition to the main living area the house also includes a TV room, a guest suite, service area and master suite in the private block
As we said before, nature becomes a part of the interior design and not just in the form of panoramic views
The walls in the bathrooms are crisp white and help the spaces to look fresh and open

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