10 Patriotic 4th Of July Table Decor Ideas For A Successful Party



Every year on the 4th of July the U.S. celebrates Independence Day. This event is commonly associated with parades, carnivals, fireworks as well as with family reunions and all sorts of public and private events. In that spirit, we’re hoping to inspire you too to plan something festive for this day. We’ve selected our favorite 4th of July table decor ideas so check them out and start planning. There’s still plenty of time to create something special.

One of our favorite ideas this year comes from 100layercakelet where a retro 4th of July table decor is proposed. The design is inspired by the Mad Men TV series and has a very classy and stylish mid-century overall feel. It would be cool if you could actually get your hands on some vintage tableware from the 1960’s. As far as the colors are concerned, stick with the red, white and blue and simple patterns.

Give your 4th of July table decor a delicate and chic spin with this floral centerpiece. To make it you’ll need a small wood stump with bark, a styrofoam ball, red, white and blue fabric flowers, a hot glue gun, wire cutters and ribbon. This floral 4th of July table decor idea also includes a few festive coasters which can be made out of wood slices and using a flower stencil and some craft paint.

You can make these wooden firecracker table centerpiece in less than 15 minutes, assuming you already have all the necessary supplies. This includes 3 pieces of 2×2 lumber in 3 different lengths, red, white and blue acrylic paint, some wire, ribbon, paint brushes, a drill and some sandpaper. These firecrackers won’t actually pop but they’ll sure look festive in the context of a 4th of July table arrangement. You can all the details about this project on practicallyfunctional.

These patriotic decorations are so easy to make it literally can be done in only a few minutes. All you need for this project is some clear glasses that you like, votive candles and red, white and blue sand.  You just pour the sand into the glasses in layers and then you place a candle on top of each. Display these on the table on the 4th of July for a quirky and festive vibe. Check out mychinet for more details on the project.

Assuming you’re planning a family get together and you want to impress your guests with some themed 4th of July table decor, another one of the suggestions we’d like to give you is to decorate the silverware with patriotic washi tape. It’s a simple touch which helps to reinforce the overall theme of the decor. To find out how to best complete this task, have a look at the details offered on tikkido.

All of the silverware and utensils you and your guests will be needing have to be stored and displayed in a way that’s preferably good-looking in addition to being practical and we have a few ideas regarding that. One of them comes from petalstopicots where you can find a tutorial on how to craft a patriotic cozy for a mason jar out of yarn. This is what you’ll need: red, white and blue yarn, 2 crochet hooks of different sizes (check the tutorial for details), a wide-mouth mason jar, a tapestry needle and a glue gun.

A tin can could also be used as a utensil holder and making it look good and festive is actually super easy and involves paint, ribbon and some small flags which you can either craft or buy. Start by washing and drying 3 tin cans. Then cover a table with some newspaper and start painting the cans. One should be red, another one white and the third one should be blue. Let the paint dry and then attach a small American flag to the inside of each can using tape. Wrap some ribbon around each can too just to give it a more festive look. You can fill the cans with silverware as suggested on stockpilingmoms or you can use them as flower vases.

On certain occasions a table just doesn’t seem complete without a table runner. The 4th of July can be one of those cases so let’s review how you can craft a patriotic table runner that would fix the problem is a stylish and beautiful manner. First gather the supplies you’ll need. This includes things like burlap, scissors, some painter’s tape, star stickers, blue and red spray paint and some tailor’s chalk. Once you have everything, follow the instructions on everydaydishes to complete the project.

Can you guess what’s inside these jars? Believe it or not, it’s a sponge cut into three pieces, each painted a different color. The colors symbolize the American flag, making these jars great ornaments for the 4th of July table decor or for a patriotic party in general. If you want you can paint chalkboard labels on the jars as well so you can then personalize them with table numbers or the names of your guests. Either way, the project is simple and fun. Find out more about in the tutorial from bigbearswife.

The last idea we’re showing you today is yet another silverware-related project. This time the silverware is not displayed in tin cans or in jars. Instead eachs et is placed in a paper sack decorated with festive ribbon and printables along with a napkin and a straw. The plates featured on lilluna have patriotic patterns too and that’s a pretty cool touch.

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