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Aren’t plants just amazing? Most species are very easy to grow and offer a multitude of advantages. They look fresh and beautiful, they purify the air and some can even be consumed. There are a lot of cool ways to display and to care for your plants. Having a garden can be pretty awesome but is not a must. Our DIY planter box ideas are quite versatile and customizable which means you’ll be able to successfully grow beautiful herbs, flowers and even vegetables just about anywhere.

Some plants thrive outdoors so it would be nice to provide them with optimal growing conditions if possible. If you have a piece of land you can turn into a garden then go for it. You could divide the area into zones using only a few wooden boards. It’s a nice way to delineate a garden and to contain the planter boxes.

Not in mood to sit on your knees while you care for your plants? Then how about a raised planter box? It’s a very convenient solution which makes it much more comfortable to care for the plants as well as to see them plus you’ll be able to move the planter box to a different location with ease. You could bring it indoors when it gets too cold outside or you can reorganize your garden to make room for other features without having to replant anything.

Speaking of convenience, check out this mobile planter box that we found on farmfreshtherapy. It’s just a simple wooden box with holes and casters on its bottom. You can easily build something like this from scratch or repurpose an existing box if you have any. Once you have the box, drill some holes into the bottom for drainage and attach casters in the four corners. Then put some rocks or gravel at the bottom and fill the box with soil and plants.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t make your planter box look chic and beautiful on top of being sturdy and practical. This is true for all types of DIY planter boxes, no matter how big or small. Let’s you’re building a wooden planter box for your garden. Once the frame is done, you can use painter’s tape and a bit of black paint to create a few elegant stripes on the outside of your new planter box. Check out deliacreates to see how this turns out.

A lot of people don’t really think about this but low planter boxes are not exactly comfortable to use, especially if the plants require a lot of care. There’s no reason to endure back pain when it would be easier for everyone to build an elevated planter box like the one featured on remodelaholic. It’s basically just a regular planter box with four legs. This one holds strawberries and we know that because of the sign. Maybe you’d like to put labels on your planter boxes too.

We’d also like to show you this tiered planter box that was featured on anikasdiylife. It seems like a lovely decoration for the entrance. It’s a set of three wooden planter boxes with increasingly tall legs, all interconnected so it’s really a single planter box. Check out the plans and the list of tools and materials that you’ll need and get ready to build your own tiered planter. It’s easier than you think.

Some plans do great indoors which means you can grow them on your balcony, in your kitchen or anywhere else in the house as long as they get sufficient natural light. How would you like to have a salad garden for example? To get started, you’ll need a planter box and the one featured on ehow seems perfect for the job. It’s made of wood and it looks quite stylish. Of course, you can use to grow all sorts of plants or herbs, not just salad so be creative.

A cool thing about raised planter boxes (apart from saving you from unnecessary back pain) is the fact that they can accommodate a storage shelf at the bottom which is perfect for keeping things like watering cans, gardening gloves and other supplies handy and right where you need them. If you like the idea, check out aloandbeholdlife for more details about this sort of planter box.

Planter boxes are also excellent in case you’d like to grow some plants in your yard without disturbing the lawn too much or digging into the ground. Building raised garden beds is pretty easy according to the instructions offered on sawsonskates. These planter boxes actually have two tiers. You can use the lower one around the frame for small, decorative plants or for succulents. The boxes can have a solid bottom or can be hollow, depending on whether you want to be able to relocate them if necessary or if you want them to be a sort of raised garden beds.

If you’re very serious about building a sturdy planter box then you might as well opt for a serious design, like the one on bonnieplants. This wooden planter box has four small benches on the sides. These can also be used as shelves which can hold extra plants or gardening supplies. As the plans show, the project is not very difficult so you should be able to complete it in no time. You can make the shelves as wide as the planter if you want to. That could actually look quite nice.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space for plants in or around your home but surely you could find an empty corner with sufficient natural light so you can put these tiered planter boxes there. The project was featured on decorandthedog. We think it’s an excellent idea for gardens, patios and even balconies. To build such a planter box set you need a bit of wood so be sure you have enough before you start. Also, pick the spot carefully making sure it offers the right conditions for the plants to thrive in.

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