Easy-To-Craft Pallet Shelves With Customizable Designs



If there’s one thing people love to repurpose it would have to be a pallet and that’s simply because it’s such an incredibly versatile resource. You can turn a pallet into just about anything and such DIY projects range from super easy to complex and complicated. We’re more interested in the simple side of the story so today we’re going to show you a few ways in which you can make pallet shelves. Think of this as a fun and rewarding home improvement project you can do over the weekend.

Pellet storage shelving is great for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s pretty easy to craft, requiring only a few simply modifications done to the original pallet and on top of that you can make some cool units for those small spaces in your home that usually get overlooked. For example, you could make pallet shelves which can hold all your wrapping paper rolls and crafting supplies. All you need is a wood pallet, a spare piece of wood, a saw, some paint, nails and a hammer.

Pallet shelves aren’t only good for storing paper and other lightweight items. They can actually be quite sturdy and you can use them to store tools, jars and all sorts of other things. There’s a great project on funkyjunkinteriors which focuses on this very idea. In this case a wood board and a crate were also required in order to put together the storage unit. What’s nice about such DIY projects is the fact that you can customize them however you want in order to make them suit your needs.

Another cool thing about pallet shelves and DIY projects in general is that they don’t have to be perfect. In fact, imperfections give them character and make them unique so don’t try to hide them. Let’s say you want to put together a simple wall-mounted shelving duo like the one featured on martysmusings. You could leave the wood bare. Don’t hide it behind paint or stain. Allow it to be pure and to tell a story.

Sometimes reclaimed pallets are merely a source of material and they don’t retain their form or structure when repurposed. Take this pallet bookshelf from jenwoodhouse for example. It’s made out of a reclaimed pallet and some crates but you can’t really tell that with certainty just by looking at it. The result of the project is this great shelving unit which can hold books, decorations and all sorts of other things. It can look charming it pretty much any room of the house.

Next, a project from instructables for which you only need a few parts of a pallet. Cut a few planks, stain them and them assemble the shelves using nails and a hammer. Notice these shelves are actually a sort of boxes which let them keep the contents safe and nicely organized. You can add this sort of shelves to spaces like the home office, the living room, the kids’ room but also the kitchen or the bathroom. They’re very practical and very versatile.

How about a double pallet shelf like the one on diycandy? It’s both beautiful and practical and to make it you need a pallet, a saw, a drill, screws and a nail gun (or a hammer and some nails). You can sand down and then stain or paint you pallet shelf if you really want to although we really like the bare and simple look better. Use the shelves for things like books, decorative plates, small planters and other such items.

Obviously, you don’t have to limit yourself to pallets only when building a shelving unit. A cool and practical idea is to use metal pipes or rods in your design as well, as a way to build the frame of the unit. The result could be a rustic-industrial design that’s simple, practical and has lots of character, like the one featured on instructables. Although having a pallet you can repurpose makes this project easier, that’s not necessarily a must as you can use other supplies as well.

Pallet shelves can be super useful in the kitchen where there are a lot of things that need to be stored and organized in a way that allows them to remain close at handy and easy to grab without having to constantly open and close doors or shelves. In any case, we find these sturdy pallet shelves that we found on instructables to be just what a cozy kitchen needs.

The transformation of a pallet into a shelving unit or a series of individual shelves, even though it can be very simple in some cases, is still impressive and inspiring. Check out how cool these bookshelves from sixsistersstuff are. Structurally, they’re simple. Nevertheless, they’re eye-catching and charming in a special way. They’re designed to hold books and magazines and to store and to display them in a pleasing manner. In that sense, the project is a big success.

Some pallet shelves look so neat and simplistic you can’t even tell they’re made of reclaimed wood. This bathroom shelf from instructables is a perfect example in that sense. It’s actually a collection of three open shelves all connected into a minimalistic and beautiful unit which can be installed on a small and is small enough to fit even in the smallest of bathrooms. It’s perfect for keeping the usual toiletries and beauty products handy.

Another cool thing which you can make out of a wooden pallet is a wine rack. It’s a sort of shelf but with a very distinct function and structure. This particular wall-mounted wine rack also has a nice shelf at the bottom for glasses. It’s a great combo which basically lets you turn a simple pallet into a small bar for your home. It could be cool give the rack a fold-down table extension but that’s something extra. In any case, check out the instructions and feel free to customize the project however you want so it best suits you and your home.

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