How A Daybed With Trundle Can Help You Make The Most Of A Small Space


You may have heard this term being thrown around before without really understanding what it refers to so today we’re here to tell you all about trundle beds. What is a trundle bed anyway and what makes it special from other types of beds or from sofas and couches? It’s really simple actually. The term refers to a small bed which can be stored underneath a larger bed and which has rollers or casters and thin but still pretty comfortable mattress. Since it’s pretty similar to a couch or a sofa when in its compact form, it can serve as a daybed most of the time. In other words, it’s a daybed with trundle. But why would you want to have one in your home? We’ll get to that in a second and we’ll show you some actual design options and products that you can buy too.

First of all, we should mention that a trundle daybed is very versatile and that’s because it’s suited for a lot of different types of people and a lot of different spaces. Most often, it’s a good option for kids, teens or for overnight guests but not so great for old people or for anyone with back problems since the mattress on the lower bed is thin and the support is not exactly ideal.

Basically a daybed with trundle offers two individual sleeping surfaces which only take up the space of one until you also roll out the second mattress. That makes it a very practical option for kids’ rooms, being a good alternative to bunk beds. Check out how beautiful this trundle bed from Rooms by Zoya B looks in this nursery room.

A daybed with trundle is also a wonderful option for a guest room. This way the space could serve as a home office or as a secondary lounge space most of the time and can become a guest sleeping area whenever you need it. Just roll out the bed and everything it all set up. LDa Architects designed such a space for one of their clients and this is what it looks like.

Trundle daybeds can also be used in playrooms. Basically the idea here is to have a comfortable little couch or sofa to sit on so since you’re doing that why not add an extra bed in there too? After all, it doesn’t take up any extra space and it stays hidden unless you decide to use it in which case it becomes practical.

The main reason people choose to put trundle beds into their homes and not other types of beds or sofas is often a very simple one: because these beds allow them to save a lot of space and that’s important when there’s little floor space to work with in the first place. That’s true for a studio apartments, many children’s rooms, nursery rooms as well as some attics or the interior of this beautiful lake house family room designed by Bergland + Cram.

One of the best things about daybeds with trundle is that during the day you can throw some pillows on them and use them as a sofa or a couch. The extra mattress rolled under the seat doesn’t interfere with the rest of the room in any way. You can see how beautiful such a decor can be in the case of this contemporary bedroom designed by Rayna Marz.

Trundle beds are also perfect for spaces which serve multiple purposes, like this bedroom/ office/ playroom for example. When the daybed is expanded it’s possible for two or even three persons to sleep here. It would be impossible to fit three regular beds in this room and to also have room for other pieces of furniture or even to move around freely.

There’s no definitely choice of style when it comes to trundle beds which means it can be designed to suit any type of interior or decor. As far as size goes, there aren’t that many options to choose from so you have to stick with standard mattress dimensions. Of course, you can have a daybed with trundle custom made to fit in a particular area of your house, like in this home theater designed by Brooke LLC.

At this point you might be thinking that having a trundle under your daybed is pretty practical and convenient but you’d much rather prefer to have some extra storage in there instead. Well why not have both? That’s right, you can have a daybed with a trundle and with storage drawers, all in a compact and stylish package. Check out FlatFair for a few options, including the one in this image.

Or perhaps you’d much rather prefer this chic daybed with trundle from Classic Furniture. It’s special because it has a high headboard as well as side panels which give it a really cozy and booth-like feel. The simple molding and the classic round finials give it a chic and elegant look.

This is 2Much!, a modern bed with trundle that’s perfect for the growing family or for multifunctional spaces with ever-changing roles. Its design is playful, funky, simple and cool and the colors it comes in are fun and cheerful, allowing it to become a chic focal point for any space you put it in. We recommend this bed for spaces like a child’s or a teen’s bedroom, a home office or a small living room or guest bedroom.

The 4005 bed is very cool as well. What makes it stand out from all the other daybeds with trundle that we looked at today is the fact that it has a built-in desk and an open-ended bookcase. That means this is actually more than just a simple bed with a trundle. It’s a whole furniture system which is perfect for a child’s bedroom where you need to add a desk and some bookshelves anyway. With this system you can have it all and save plenty of space in the process.

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