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Imagine this scenario: you’re furnishing/ decorating your home and you’re looking for that special piece that can stand out from the crowd and become the focal point of the space. You need something outstanding, something cool and spectacular. We’re not only talking about living rooms but about dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms. There are cool designs that can make any of these spaces (and others) look extraordinary, that can elevate the decor from common to sophisticated. So what products are we talking about anyway? Well, here they are:

This is Seronera dining table, an exquisite piece with a unique design inspired by the Acacia Seronera trees which can be found in the Serengeti National Park. The design is also a tribute to Africa and to the rich and wild beauty that defines this continent. Its top is made of natural ebony with a lacquered black finish and the base has a metallic brass structure which infiltrates the top like veins.

The Melt floor lamp is part of a series of distorted spherical light fixtures which are created through a process of blow moulding and vacuum metallisation. They are surprisingly luminous and they create unique optical effects. One of the coolest things about this floor lamps and all the other in the collection is the mirror finish which is achieved by secreting the polycarbonate shell into a metallic chamber after which the air is sucked out and an electrical charge is channeled through. A thin strip of copper foil is vaporized into a fine mist of metallic particles which settle across the interior.

A piece of furniture can look cool and be simple at the same time and the Y Chair is one of the best example we could find. This chair is actually available in several different versions. Its design is simple and pretty classic and always with a strong sculptural vibe. The variants include three types of bases: a sled base available in black or white, a Y base available in clear lacquered or black stained oak and a swivel base available with a black or aluminum finish. The most interesting part of its design is however the shell which is made of glass reinforced nylon and comes in a variety of upholstery options.

You may already be familiar with this exquisite piece of furniture. It’s the Gyre Chair from the Zaha Hadid Seamless Collection. The design is very artistic, like everything that bears the mark of this studio. The chair features a cantilevered base which seamlessly transforms into a back and armrests that can function as side tables. It’s a bit tricky to see all these features as distinct elements when the design is so…seamless.

Here you can actually see not one but two cool designs. One is that of the Landscape desk which features a sleek metal structure and a top with an asymmetrical form inspired by hills and mountains. Next to the desk stands the Banana lamp. Its design, as the name suggests, is inspired by the banana tree. The lamp features three curved and elongated brass leaves which emerge out of a circular marble base. Each leaf is connected to a separate lighting tube.

This may not look like much but once again the beauty of the piece lies in the details. The Bosque sideboard has a design inspired by forests (tree canopies to be more exact). The legs are meant to symbolize branches. They’re made of brass and they go all the way to the top, forming two separators between the drawers which occupy the center of the sideboard and two closed storage areas on the sides.

The Newton console is an iconic piece even though it’s a limited-eddition design. What’s really cool about it is the overall structure and design which seem to defy the laws of physics. If you find this piece familiar, it may be because of its bigger brother, the Newton dining table. Here are a few technical details about this luxury statement piece: the entire structure is a collection of metallic spheres and semi-spheres joined together in a sculptural composition and available with several finishes.

This is Twig, a cube-shaped side table with one of the coolest and also the simplest designs you can find. You can also use it as a stool in certain situations. The name is very suggestive in this case. The Twig is a collection of several individual twigs combined into a compact module. You can get this in two sizes: one that measures 300w x 300d x 450h and another that has the following dimensions 450w x 450d x 450h.

A table lamp is one of those elements which can change or complete the decor or just about any room. In that spirit, we’d like to show you the Vapeur Lamp which is quite amazing. Actually, the entire Vapeur collection is exquisite. The lamps are weightless, featuring sleek and stylish designs that put a modern spin on the common paper lamp. Surprisingly, they’re tear-proof as well as washable.

There are a few cool designs for bathrooms as well and perhaps the coolest of them all is that of the Controverso sink designed by Paolo Ulian and antoniolupi. The design changes depending on where you’re standing. It’s asymmetrical and special in more than one way. At its base, this sink is a sculpture. It’s made of a large marble block which is sliced by the milling machine after which the slices are cut at different angles.

Words are not really necessary in this case. The design of the Swan chair says it all. This limited edition masterpiece is one of the most eye-catching pieces of contemporary furniture. The chair features a very simple-looking metallic base with a circular pedestal design and a seat covered in Icelandic sheepskin which complements it perfectly.

Edge is a very curious-looking piece of furniture. It looks like a sled and that gives it a rather playful allure but at the same time it’s highly stylized which gives it a luxurious look. The Edge is a cool bench with a beachwood structure and patterned tile accents. Once again, it’s all in the details.

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