The Benefits of a Pastel Color Palette



It may not be bold. It may not be invigorating or exciting. But in its own way, a pastel color palette can be a gorgeous, unique interior design scheme. Styling your space with a softer side has all sorts of advantages, both aesthetically and physically. Here are just some of the primary benefits of decorating your space with a pastel color palette.

A pastel color palette is beautiful. Pale colors are, by their very nature, softer and subtler than their saturated counterparts. This muted aesthetic has the uncanny ability to appear beautiful in design as well as soothe.

A pastel color palette lifts the space. For the space that is painted white by default or builder-grade beige, a pastel color palette might be just the thing needed to lift some fresh appeal into it. The pastel tint won’t have an overwhelming effect like a bold tone might have, but it will still add that important foundation of fresh color.

A pastel color palette can be grounded. Using a pastel color palette in your space doesn’t mean that you stay only on the tinted side of the spectrum. A pastel space needs to be grounded, often with earthy textures and deep tones. This could be done with dark floors or black accents or a grey-washed wood stain.

A pastel color palette can boost moods. Probably due, in large part, to their shy nature, pastel colors provide a serene setting that can simultaneously boost your mood. Warm, energetic colors can be happy and enthusiastic, but a pastel color palette has a mood-boosting ability because of its work in the opposite direction – there’s an airy sense of cheer without the exhaustion.

A pastel color palette is versatile. Pastel wall colors, for example, look amazing against wood floors, paneling, and other furniture, whether they are light or dark. The greater the contrast between the pastel palette and other elements in a space, the higher the energy level will be. Conversely, the more similar the tones of the hues used, the more neutral and calming it will feel in the space.

A pastel color palette can be contemporary. Some of us might have a knee-jerk reaction to pastels as being old-fashioned or traditional, but the opposite is true. Many of today’s interiors are embracing softer hues as a refuge from the barrage of life. Soft peach, pale mint green, and fresh light lemon, as just a few examples, all find themselves quite at home in a contemporary space.

A pastel color palette works beyond just the nursery. There’s a reason baby blue is named what it is, but that doesn’t mean the color only works in the nursery. In fact, any pastel tint (even baby girl pink) can work beautifully in a grownup space when it is paired with brighter or darker shades. The resulting contrast is beautiful and sophisticated.

A muted pastel color palette can be neutral. For those who are looking for a soothing interior space but aren’t convinced a classic pastel color palette is right for the room, consider a more muted alternative. Pastels with grey undertones, for example, or even a soft grey with purple undertones can infuse a space with a calming and refined aura.

A pastel color palette makes a room feel more spacious. A small room tends to look and feel much larger than its actual footprint when it uses lighter colors, such as a pastel palette. Natural light bounces around more freely in a pastel space, and the overall aesthetic is airy and light.

A pastel color palette looks well with LED lighting. Of course, today’s LED lighting comes in a spectrum of warmth, from cool blues to very warm yellows. Pastel colors tend to be at their best in natural light or with somewhat cooler LED lighting, because traditional yellow light makes the pastels appear somewhat sickly or dingy. This is an easy thing to accomplish, actually, with LED light strand options as well as LED bulbs.

A tip for painting walls with a pastel color palette: A pro tip for incorporating pastels into your space with paint is to choose the pastel you like on the paint chip, then go one or two tints lighter on that same card. Most pastel colors will look much more intense when spread across a large surface, like a wall, than they do on the paint card.

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