13 Ideas That Can Totally Change Your Backyard Decor And Landscape



Having a backyard or a garden is a real blessing especially when it’s nice and warm outside and you get to spend time outdoors doing all sorts of fun activities. That being said, you should try to personalize your backyard decor (or front yard, why not?) to suit your lifestyle. There are many different ways to design and organize the backyard landscape based on all sorts of criteria and preferences. We’ll review some of them right now.

Stone walkways

We’re not going to get into too many details regarding the many different types of stone and all the details that characterize each one so we’ll just say that this is one of the most versatile and customizable of all backyard decorating ideas. You can arrange the stone tiles in a variety of different patterns, both symmetrical and asymmetrical and you can either use them in conjunction with greenery or with other materials such as gravel for example.

Flagstone pathways

Remember when we discussed flagstone patios? We offered some instructions on how to install them as well as a few examples to use as inspiration. This time the idea is pretty much the same with the exception that we’re talking about walkways and pathways, not patios. In any case, what we like about this concept is that it leaves a lot of room for creativity and customization. You can even use some boulders too just to shape the landscape a bit.

Walkways with a clean edge

Sometimes the walkway just seems to seamlessly disappear into the main picture, blending with the flower beds or the rock gardens. Other times there’s a clean edge and a clear distinction between it and the rest of the garden or backyard decor. We like clean edges and we think they’re perfect for modern and contemporary decors.

Vertical planting

A lot of times a backyard landscape just seems flat and lacks diversity and one way to change that is by introducing vertical planters or by actually shaping the land. A fountain or a waterfall could have a cool impact on the backyard decor as well. For now, let’s just stick with vertical gardens. Perhaps you’d like to plant strawberries or flowering plants and herbs this way.

A dedicated kids’ area

Naturally, it would be nice for the kids to spend time outside playing in the backyard but in order for that to actually happen you first have to make the space fun and appealing. There are various different ideas in this sense. One of them can be to build a treehouse.

A backyard swing

A backyard for kids might also include a swing. It could be a simple swing which you can build yourself. It would be nice to have a tree that it can hang from but other methods can work too. Of course, swings are a lot of fun and not just for kids so you might also enjoy having one in your backyard even as an adult.

Crates on the fence

Crates on a fence….now that’s a pretty specific backyard decorating idea. It’s also a great way to repurpose and recycle old wooden crates by hanging them on a fence or on the exterior wall of the house where they can function as box shelves. You can display planters on them and you could also keep some gardening supplies handy in case you’re interested.


Recycling is easy and we think it’s something that everyone should do. There are many different ways to recycle, including what we just showed you regarding old crates. When it comes to backyard decor, we suggest recycling pallets or old furniture to create benches or planters.

A seating spot

When you have a beautiful backyard decor with lots of greenery and a tranquil and relaxing ambiance, it’s nice sometimes to just sit down and admire everything. In that sense, you could organize a seating area. A couple of comfortable chair and a small table should be all that’s needed. Place them under the canopy of a tree for shade or add an umbrella.

An outdoor bed

Sure, sitting in a chair and enjoying the wonderful landscape around you is nice but what if you want to lie down or even take a nap outside? Well in that case you better get a bed. It can be one of these cool dome beds or a DIY daybed that you can build out of recycled pallets for instance. Choose the idea that’s best for you and for your backyard.

Cozy hammocks

Don’t want to overcomplicate the decor with beds? How about hammocks or hanging chairs instead? You could hang them from trees or the frames that they came with if that’s the case. Anyway, hammocks are always super cozy and everyone loves them so you can’t really go wrong with this idea. Hanging chairs are just as fun and they’re also great because they’re usually not that big and you can fit several in your backyard sitting area.

A water feature

The term water feature is pretty general as there are many different types and options to choose from. You might want to add a fountain to your backyard or perhaps you’d prefer a small pond or why not even a waterfall. It would definitely be cool to have a natural source of water like a tiny river in the backyard but there are plenty of ways to deal with the issue artificially if necessary.

Outdoor art

There’s also the matter of art we should discuss. We’re talking about garden sculptures and other similar elements. These can thing you create yourself or things that you buy. Either way, you should find a way to make the art blend in with your backyard landscape. Maybe you could train some plants to grow on a sculpture or perhaps you’d prefer to have it placed on water so it appears to be floating. Just be creative.

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