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Sitting outside is one of life’s great pleasures and we’ve got 14 examples of stylish seats for your outdoor space. New chic seats are a quick way to update a look, no matter if you are outfitting a modest balcony or completely redoing a backyard patio. Even if there’s only have room for a chair and a tiny side table, the seat can be far more interesting than just a folding chair. Take a look at these fresh chair designs that were on display at ICFF 2018.

Cool and Colorful

The bright aqua hue and ample shape are hip and a bit retro.

Referencing the hip designs of the 1960s and 70s, Bizzarto’s Tulip chair is a fun outdoor seat full of contrasts. The chubby, padded chair is set atop a geometric metal leg that adds extra interest. The seats in the Polish company’s Tulip Collection have tall backs that make them super comfortable for outdoor lounging. Choices include an armchair, a sofa and an ottoman, all of which are perfect for a poolside location or a trendy urban setting. The shot of color enlivens an outdoor room and makes it modern.

A Focus on Wood

Wooden features add a touch of nature to a chair.

While outdoor furniture should be super comfortable — because the main purpose is relaxation — it takes more than just puffy cushions to be stylish. Beautiful wood accents and features bring a bit of warmth and a natural element to outdoor pieces. This lounge chair from new brand Zavotti melds a variety of materials into a design that features sustainable bamboo, framed by dark coated aluminum. The Mexican brand’s outdoor furnishings are fresh and modern in what it calls a fusion of Mexican tradition and Scandinavian design.

Wood is visually the dominant material in these Manutti chairs.

Similarly, Manutti has created a collection that integrates a rounded seat back with a predominantly angular wooden design. The high back is woven from durable outdoor cording and joins up with the jutting wood that comprises the arm and legs of the chair. Well-stuffed cushions top the wood seat base, creating a deep and comfortable chair. The Belgian company is known for its luxurious outdoor furniture that enhances relaxation in both residential and commercial settings.

Low slung and slouchy

This super casual design is perfect for relaxing.

Emu’s Terramare collection is uber casual, with its slouchy arm design and pillow-like cushions. The Italian company has been manufacturing furniture since 1951 and uses the latest in technology combined with traditional craftsmanship to produce comfortable outdoor seating. Known for patented designs that stack and fold, the furniture is truly heavy duty. The Terramare chairs are made from a synthetic, leather-like material and an aluminum frame. They are part of a collection that includes a sofa, loveseat, armchairs and tables.

Chic sophistication

The Kobo is ideal for creating a chic vibe.

With a texture that looks like it was knitted into shape, Manutti‘s new Kobo collection is low and sophisticated. The chair has quiet, graceful curves that give it a very chic edge. The Belgian company is known for its luxurious outdoor furniture that is featured in many sophisticated residential and commercial designs. Neutral tones in outdoor furniture designs allow the focus to be on the surrounding landscape, whether that is the beach, the pool or an urban garden.

Light and Airy

Minimalist designs like this are visually lighter than heftier styles.

The slightly reclining profile of the Bolonia lounger from ISI Mar is an ethereal design that makes one feel suspended in the environment, whether that is the seaside or the grassy expanse. Made from galvanized steel that is polyester powder-coated, the pieces are durable and easy care. The cushion is covered in an Agora textile. The Spanish company has been producing colorful furnishings for indoor and outdoor spaces since 1966. Manufactured entirely in Spain, the pieces are weather-resistant and made from materials like steel and aluminum that are recyclable and easily recycled.

Modern yet versatile, chairs like these work well in many settings.

Fermob, a well-known French manufacturer of outdoor designs, also uses aluminum and steel that are recyclable and easily recycled. Designers create pieces with conservation in mind and the entire production process is conducted under strict sustainability rules. None of this sacrifices style of comfort and the  Sixties armchair is a great example. Its cocoon shape has a young feeling that is very much on trend. The woven resin seat has textural appeal and the aluminum frame is extra light, in actual as well as visual weight.

Upholstered Appeal

Muted tones and clean lines are a sophisticated choice.

For those who like their outdoor furniture to look upholstered just like indoor styles, chairs like this one from Kettal are just the ticket. With a rounded shape reminiscent of an indoor club chair, the entire frame is upholstered in an outdoor fabric and muted, earthy palette. The slim-lined silhouette is enhanced with a sleek padded seat nestled into the curved back. The uber-stylish Spanish company collaborates with numerous international designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Jasper Morrison among others. The pieces are made with eco-friendly paint, almost all of which are now 100% ecological and recyclable, and the wood is sustainability certified.

Tall and Regal

Throne-like chairs have a universal appeal.
A high back and short legs contribute to a feeling of envelopment.

There’s just something about sitting in a chair with a high back surrounding you: Is it the cocoon feeling or that the chair has a throne-like aura? Either way, these types of seats are comfortable and inviting. Kettal’s version is the Cala armchair, here on a wooden base. It was designed by Doshi Levien, an internationally acclaimed design studio founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. The chair has an aluminum frame covered in woven cord that is available in nearly two dozen different colors.  The collection also has a sofa, loveseat and oversized ottoman.

Manutti’s version of a high-backed chair is of eclectic style.

Manutti’s version combines elements of the two previous designs in a more eclectic chair that still has a regal appearance. The predominantly angular wooden design that is used throughout this particular collection is extended to create the high back. The wooden arms soar to the top of the chair, visually emphasizing the height of the piece. Just as in the shorter version, the back is woven from durable outdoor cording. The deep cushion makes for a very comfortable chair.

Easygoing and Clean-Lined

Simple and chic, these chairs embody southern California style.

While these might bear a passing resemblance to the typical webbed outdoor chair, these designs by Los Angeles-based design studio Stephen Kenn are far from typical. The webbing is actually made of a special clip system that allows for the replacement of individual belts.  Strong but springy, the belts create durable seating that lasts. The collection also includes sofas, armchairs and other pieces. The chairs are part of his Desert home collection, inspired by the landscape of southern California.

A Touch of Whimsy

Whimsical furniture for outdoor

Widely recognized for Victorian furniture styles rendered in boldly hued polyurethane, Polart is increasingly adding whimsical accessories to both its indoor and outdoor collections. The Mexican company’s pieces are described as “fantastic, odd, daring, classic, beautiful, but certainly never dull.”  Indeed, this Whale Seat is not dull in color or design. It is the perfect touch of whimsy for an outdoor space and is useful as additional seating when entertaining. It’s just plain fun.

So, don’t automatically head for the local big box home store when it’s time to add seating to your outdoor living space. So many new pieces offer comfort, personality and fresh design that it is easy to find something that fits your style and space. Try something new and add style to your outdoor relaxation this season.

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