Patriotic Porch Decor Ideas For The 4th of July – Last Minute Crafts


What better way to show your patriotism to the world than with some themed 4th of July porch decor? This is pretty common practice actually which is why there are so many different ideas to choose from. It’s up to you to decide how much time and effort you want to invest in this whole project. The ideas we’ve selected for you today are pretty simple and straight-forward. If you feel that one just isn’t enough you can always combine two or three ideas to create something custom.

Ideally, you should be able to decorate the porch without doing any permanent damage so be careful and use things like hooks or peel-and-stick hangers. There’s plenty going on here but what we’re most interested in for now is that beautiful hanging basket displayed on the front door and the flags. It’s a lovely combo and you can find out all about it from abowlfulloflemons.

If you have a roofed porch you can definitely use that to your advantage when planning the 4th of July decor. Hang a bunch of themed ornaments like these cute patriotic balls featured on betweennapsontheporch. Check out this themed bunting as well. It’s what stands out most actually. There are also festive garlands and flower and star ornaments on this porch too. All of these elements give the porch a really festive look.

There’s a lot that you can do to make your porch look festive without breaking the bank. How about a simple star-shaped wreath customized with a few themed ornaments and some flag-themed bunting hanging around the frame of the front door? It’s a budget-friendly idea which is also easy and fast to implement. Check out the details on startathomedecor.

If you’re comfortable working with wood in your DIY projects, check out these cool firecracker 4th of July porch decorations featured on hoosierhomemade. They’re basically just pieces of wood painted with red and white stripes and some stars. The patriotic theme is also expressed through this decorative shutter. Both projects are super simple and can be done as last-minute crafts.

Small porch don’t necessarily limit your possibilities, definitely not when it comes to festive decors. For the 4th of July you could prepare a few different things like a flag casually wrapped around a wreath hanged on the front door, a pillow with a themed pillowcase and a few other small things like a planter painted with white and blue stripes or some freestanding ornaments. More cool ideas can be found on plumcrazyaboutcoupons.

Speaking of 4th of July porch decor ideas and setups, since this is a summer celebration you probably already have a bunch of stuff on the porch already, things like hanging planters and maybe also some furniture. All you have to do is add a few carefully-placed accent pieces just to change the decor a little bit. You could have a planter prepared in advance with red, white and blue flowers and you could add a few patriotic-themed pillows on those comfy chairs to complete the setup. The idea came from flickr.

There’s no need for much diversity when decorating a porch for Independence Day. You can just pick one type of decoration or two and stick with them, displaying them in various different ways. Bunting, for instance, is very versatile and so are flags. {found on flickr}

Speaking of flags, check out this cool 4th of July craft from mothersniche. It’s an American flag ornament made from an old wood pallet. If you’re interested in making something similar you should prepare a few supplies such as red, white and blue paint, star stickers or templates, metal brackets, a few screws, a drill and some framing wire. You can proudly display your new pallet flag on the porch table, you can rest it against the wall or you can hang it somewhere without leaving permanent marks preferably.

Flags are also the main feature of this porch’s festive decor. There are flags in each of the planters and on top of that there’s also bunting hanging above the front door which is made of several small flags as well. there’s very little diversity in these decorations but that doesn’t diminish how festive and fun this porch looks. This idea and several others can be found on randigarrettdesign.

If you’ve already celebrated Flag Day on June 14 then you might have a bunch of leftover ornaments, just enough to also decorate your porch on the 4th of July. You could use a flag as a table runner and you could display a few of those smaller flags in a planter or a vase. Also, if there are some chairs on your porch too, perhaps you could display some themed accent pillows on them as well. Find more inspiring ideas like these ones on homeishwheretheboatis.

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